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Wind Sucking

Massive difference
"This has made a massive difference to my horse I have a 27 year old tb that has wind sucked all him left but the last few winters I have struggled with his weight this year i have had no problem so far at all if anything I would say he may have a bit fat going on" Tara Mason
Much calmer
We have had our very stressy part Arab who is 26 on Comfort Gut a few months now. She has been a windsucker all the 10 years plus we've had her. She hardly windsucks now and is looking fabulous and is much calmer. Jacci Stewart
Difference in 4 days!
"I saw a difference in my horse within 4 days of being on comfort, very impressed!! She's 16 and doesn't ever hold her weight well, she's become more rounded and has reduced her windsucking which I never would have thought would happen as she does it constantly" Charlotte Athorne
Lot better to work with
"This is Twilight, since being on Comfort Gut he has been a lot better to work with. He's still quirky but nowhere as bad as he was! His windsucking isn't as bad either" Alison Smith
Love this stuff
"Love this stuff helps my mare with cribbing and wind sucking holds her weight better as well" Erin Russell
Eased the windsucking
" I absolutely love this stuff, told lots of people about it and the first thing the judges comment on is about his behaviour at shows as an ex racer. Gave me my horse back and eased the windsucking too." Tracy Capstick

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