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Super Sensitive

Going from strength to strength
Lad has been on Comfort Gut for five weeks and is going from strength to strength. He had a short let down from racing last year and has since struggled with ulcers, anxiety and weight gain. After a week on CG: Usually when I saddle him or touch him under his rug he pins his ears and kicks out. Tonight he did not even move an ear. Nothing! He is clearly feeling much happier in his own skin. After two weeks on CG: Did his first dressage competition. On previous outings he was anxious and would do his best to get back to the float but today he was super calm and working very nicely (bottom left). After week three: First round of sj in months. He was clear, calm and pleased to be working. No stressing or anxiety about getting back to the float (bottom right). After five weeks: My previously anxious horse is happy and putting on weight... finally. We will definitely continue with this product. (see top photo). Bek Anderson
Calm happy Boy
"when i brought my horse ,3yrs ago he was always angry bit on the dangerous side, tried everything he was still the then i tried comfort gut, he was treated for ulcers from the vet ,but as soon as treatment was finished he would go back the same, he has a daily dose of this and has been a more relaxed calm happy boy" Trish Yerman
Even More a new horse!
"about 2 weeks ago my horse came off of gastro guard (as per instruction of my vet) after it successfully treated his ulcers. I have decided to use comfort gut and after only a week, he cribbed less, his coat was beautiful, and now is more beautiful. He was a happy horse when we cleared up the ulcers (with gastro guard under veterinary instruction), but on comfort gut he is even more a new horse. More willing, he comes to me in the pasture. He wants his belly rubbed - I love comfort gut and plan to use it long term" Katie Giles"
Chuffed to bits
"My boy is 20 now, ppid & sometimes just struggles keeping weight & has history of stress ulcers. I can only use once a day on vets advice ( am as ppid medication is pm) took longer to work....but am chuffed to bits with way he looks, feels etc" Joanna Hardy
The only stuff that has put weight on!
The only stuff that has put weight on! "I had seen comfort gut and all the amazing reviews so I ordered a tub last week. I have fed him comfort gut for a week and this is the difference! The before picture is the day I started feeding it and the after is yesterday! I can't believe the difference in only a week! He suffers with weight loss due to having ulcers which the vet is taking care of, and this is the only stuff that has put weight on him especially in such a short amount of time! Thank you!"" Sian Bracegirdle"
Only product to settle my boys!
"Comfort gut has transformed both of my horses it has calmed my spooky Irish sports horse to the point we can even hack out now without feeling the need to wear a parachute lol and it is the only product that has settled my tb's sensitivities and allowed him to gain condition. I will never be without comfort gut for my 2 boys I'm truly grateful to have found this supplement... So big thanks to all at comfort gut" Joanna Cran

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