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A staple
"Comfort Gut has become a staple in our horse's diets. It has enhanced their well being by helping them gain weight and muscle where they need it. Comfort Gut has transformed two of our horses, Jay's horse a thoroughbred Captain Midnight, who came off the track a big horse needing weight and a topline. Also a quarter horse Cooper who came needing a topline as well. Both gained weight and have developed lovely topline's. Many of our students also use it. One student in particular has a very sensitive thoroughbred mare and Comfort Gut has helped tremendously in making her rideable and reaching her potential." Philippa and Jay Hambly
Philipa Hambly
Philippa Hambly FEI Three Day Event rider and Jay Hambly FEI 3*and 4* Cross Country Course Designer, also one of the lead Builders at the 2008 Olympics and 2020 Tokyo Olympics, stand behind Comfort Gut and believe in the product.
No longer a moody mare!
"We started using comfort gut straight away as she was rather moody (mare....) we soon after noticed a change in behaviour where she just settled and really began to love hacking and especially jumping. Her mood was completely different which had a positive effect on the way she preformed. As well her coat is now in very good condition and very silky, thank you so much! Best product and amazing results!" Isabel Lindsay
Can travel now!
"I had a promising horse who never had an issue with weight, condition or performance. However she developed an odd issue travelling! Whereby she would get really angry and double barrel the back door and get her herself into a state, breaking breast bars, hurting herself while constantly looking behind her and squealing etc. Travelling was torture. We tried everything for almost a year until we got her physio out for a routine check she suggested I try Comfort Gut, we spent the last year back travelling, fingers crossed no reoccurrences and a happy horsey doing her first 1.20 and plans for more this year!" Eva O'Shaughnessy
Great for weight gain
This is my Thoroughbred ex racehorse - turned Para Dressage horse, Its Bobkat. "When I got him 3 years ago, he was your typically skinny tb, he struggled to gain and maintain weight. In only a matter of weeks I noticed a HUGE difference in Bobkat. He had put on a bit of weight and was finally managing to keep it on, and his coat and general condition was improving. I've kept him on Comfort Gut ever since!" Johanne Picken
Back to competing!
"Before starting Loriot on Comfort Gut, I'd almost given up all hope of competing with him again, due to his dreadful behaviour. Bucking, evading the bit, bouncing, teleporting and violently spooking at imaginary monsters... He still has the occasional "moment" however his behaviour has vastly improved!" Johanne Picken

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