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Weight Gain / Condition

Michelle Kenney
Our horses really do look fantastic since we have introduced Comfort Gut.

They really are gleaming!

Nervous horses have gained weight and are less anxious.
Hannah Smyth
Every horse in the yard is now on Comfort Gut. I can't believe the difference in their condition and the quality of their coats. Every show i go to people comment on how fantastic the horses look!!

Very Very Very happy customer!!!
Emma and Don Ron De La Bovverie
Key Gut Problem - Bloating

Emma says, 'Dull coat, weight loss, under the weather, bloated tummy - I knew there was something seriously wrong with Ron. His show jumping career was taking a back seat to his ill health. I was so glad when I found Comfort Gut. Just a simply powder to add to his feed, and the improvement came just days later.

Ron is now back on form. Thanks so much to Comfort Gut.'
Susan and Oliver Khann
Just a wee update on Oliver on his Comfort Gut. He was out at grass while I was on holidays and didnt put on any weight even though he was in a good field! He's been on Comfort Gut for two weeks now... he has put on weight, and isnt staring into space like a freak anymore. He's so much more perkier and energetic in his work!!! Amazing! Update 2nd today in our Nov dressage test, rode beautifully! horse unrecognisable to folks who know him well and his performance improved substantially. Thanks from me and Ollie :)xx
Catherine O'Reily
Comfort Gut has changed Buster! I noticed changes in him a week or two after starting Comfort Gut...less windsucking and more energy! Everyone has been commenting on how well he is looking and how much energy he has He is 20 years old yet he seems to be getting younger and younger; his coat is glossier and he is a far more sociable and happier horse! Actually love the Comfort Gut- has made such a difference.

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